Why I Blog About IT and Enterprise Software


I blog about IT and enterprise software because there is so much misinformation out there about IT that needs to be corrected. I know. Between 1969 and 1989, I was responsible for much of it, spreading misinformation about various IT products and services. Except what I did was called IT marketing. I think I was actually pretty good at it because the value of the products and services our company sold grew from near zero to well over a billion dollars a year, back when a billion dollars was real money, not a rounding error on a TARP press release.


This experience makes me very good at telling you where the misinformation is in other companies' IT marketing.


And the misinformation you have to put up with is even worse than when I did IT marketing 20 years ago because of the blogosphere. In the 70s and 80s, you knew that if you were reading Datapro, Electronic News or ComputerWorld, you could separate the ads from the editorial. Articles were written by trained, experienced professional analysts or journalists who worked for McGraw-Hill, Fairchild or IDG. The ads were the pages in color.


Today the articles you are reading "on the Internet" could just as easily be the total unsubstantiated opinion by an academic or the wishful thinking of one of your peers. Or worse yet, they might be written by current-day IT marketers doing what I was trying to do 20 years ago.


As penance for my first 20 years of spreading IT misinformation, I've spent the last 20 years interviewing IT managers and staff people like you one on one and via statistically significant polling. The objective is to understand the reality in IT, rather than what we in marketing hoped for.


So send me -- via e-mail or the comments box -- claims about IT you would like to see proven, disproven or simply looked into. Some candidates I suggest are Windows Vista Is a Hog, SaaS Will Take Over the World, BPM Is Coming to Town, Supply Chain Only Matters to Manufacturers, Software Maintenance Pricing is Outrageous, Web 3.0 is the Next Big Thing, Tech Spending is Down (or up or flat).


You name it and I'll look into it.