Even if SOA Is Dead, SCA and SDO Alive and Well


In this recent series of IT Business Edge articles on service oriented architecture (SOA) and on related blog posts about standards of all sorts, I brought up the SOA standard called Service Component Achitecture (SCA). There is a companion effort called the Service Data Objects (SDO) spec that I left out because of the length of the article.

And I also left it out because the two were originally created by an organization called the Open SOA (OSOA) Collaborative, but the standards work has now been turned over to the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).

I mean at some point the vowel mania has to stop, and it shall begin with me.

But I felt I needed to do the due diligence to close the loop for anyone that wanted to follow -- or better yet -- contribute to the standards work. An OASIS spokesperson explains that OSOA.org transitioned its SCA work to OASIS in March 2007. However, OSOA continues to operate as "an informal group of industry leaders that share a common interest," OASIS said. But the most recent information on the OSOA Web site is over six months old, so I'd stick with OASIS if you want to get involved.


According to Jeff Mischkinsky of Oracle, chair of the OASIS Open Composite Services Architecture (CSA) Member Section, who is interviewed in the IT Business Edge article linked to above:

"The seven OASIS SCA Technical Committees have been busy working, generating and resolving issues and have been making excellent progress.The OASIS Open CSA Steering Committee has been providing the venue for coordinating the work and the TCs are close to their first major milestone, the first Public Review, which looks like it should be happening in the next several months."


The related committees Jeff references can be found by starting on this OASIS page.