Compiere, Bernanke, SAP-Sybase, Jive and iFart Make Enterprise Software News


On March 6 I blogged that there wasn't enough news in the information technology (IT) world about which to comment. Less than a week later there is so much going on I think I should learn how "to Twitter." Assuming I understand what Twitter is, here goes:


  • Compiere releases Cloud Edition of its ERP software on Amazon EC2. Now you can whiteboard ERP on a presumably white cloud.
  • Bernake talks IT infrastructure at Council on Foreign Relations (see second subhead). Not sure he knew he was talking about IT when he mentioned financial services "plumbing" as one of the key ingredients of fixing world finances. But if I had a kid getting a computer sciences degree, I'd encourage him to go on to an MBA in world finance.
  • SAP, Sybase To Deliver Mobile Enterprise Programs. If that kid I don't have in business school was really there, I'd ask him to run some numbers on a possible SAP-Sybase merger.
  • Epic Trademark Battle Erupts Between Makers of Competing Fart-Sound Software. (I am assuming this guy is serious but note that he is assuming the guy he is blogging about is serious.) I could just spend all day on that headline; I know the six-year-old grandsons I do have-as opposed to the MBA-bound son I don't have-- would love it.
  • Should Software Vendors Also Sell Professional Services? This branches in multiple directions, possibly opening up the eternal debate, what is a software vendor? It would make the argument over what is an open source vendor seem so "oh-decade," as in something is so 1990s (we need a replacement now for that so 1990s phrase because this decade is in its 10th year; no e-mails please on that line; saw them all during the Y2K thing)

I think these are all too long to be twitters, right? But you get the idea. Be careful what you wish for.