What's Wrong with Selling Facebook Fans?

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Facebook is threatening to unleash its legal team on social media marketer USocial unless it stops selling fans to those who maintain Facebook pages, according to BBC News. In a cease-and-desist letter, Facebook accuses USocial of violating its terms and conditions by "sending spam, using web tools to harvest pages, getting login names and accessing accounts that did not belong to it," the story says.


USocial, on the other hand, says it is not using Web tools to harvest pages and it does not send spam. Moreover, the company has no plans to suspend its Facebook fan business. In a statement received by IT Business Edge, USocial CEO Leon Hill is quoted as saying:

We have been dealing with Facebook regarding this matter and we have removed our friend-buying service, though we're not budging on selling fans. We are well within our legal right to do so and despite the C&D, we're not taking the service down.

It's unclear to me at this point whether USocial is purchasing ads on Facebook to find fans appropriate for its customers' pages, or whether the company is going in and just adding x number of people who fit the customer's target market to the fan page. If it's the former, I see no problem with it. The latter, on the other hand, seems a little shady.


Oh, and I did a little search on Facebook to see if USocial had its own fan page. It doesn't. Not that I'm surprised.