Waiting on the New Mac OS X: When Will Leopard Arrive?

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Since we've been on an Apple kick so far this week, we thought we'd finish the week that way, too. Isn't the latest iteration of the Mac OS X operating system due to hit the shelves soon? Well, it depends on how one interprets the word "soon."


Early last week, Macworld editor Philip Michaels pegged the date as June 11 -- right after the keynote address at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference 2007. What better way to kick off the conference and drum up media interest, right? Plus, since the last day of spring isn't until June 21, Michaels' pick falls within the company's vague "Spring" timetable for the release.


On Monday, techtree.com ran a story explaining that Mac OS X 10.5, or Leopard, would be delayed past the planned release date because Apple needed time to come up with a Vista-compatible version of Bootcamp, software that allows an Intel-based Mac to run the Microsoft OS. It could take so long as to delay the release into October, the story said.


Yesterday, blogger Mary Jo Foley pointed out that Apple released a Vista-compatible version of Bootcamp on Wednesday. So, as Foley also noted, wherever techtree and the handful of other publications that ran the October release story got their information, it was wrong.


Foley, of course, went straight to the source. An Apple representative refused to comment on the delay rumors and said only that the company would be no more specific about the timing of Leopard's release than "Spring."


52 days and counting.