Texas AG Launches Antitrust Probe; Google Announces Instant Search

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Every time we turn around, Google is being investigated for something, whether it's collection of personal information without user consent, its endless string of acquisitions or partnerships, or its general disregard for user privacy. This week is no exception.


But this time, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is investigating, and he's not looking at a particular purchase or at the company's privacy policies. The New York Times reports Abbott is conducting an antitrust investigation into Google search. Times writer Claire Cain Miller explains:

The examination involves the fairness of Google search results, a concept called search neutrality. Some companies worry Google has the power to discriminate against them by lowering their links in search results or charging higher fees for their paid search ads.

Not surprisingly, Google says it's understandable that lower-quality websites are disappointed in their rankings and that the company was most concerned about providing "useful, relevant search results and ads." And apparently, Google is also concerned about providing those useful and relevant results and ads as quickly as possible. The company announced its "instant search" initiative Wednesday.


According to USA Today, the new feature searches as the query is typed into the search box rather than after the query is complete. The tools are aimed at cutting the time it takes to run a Google search.