Sun Buys innotek to Beef up xVM Platform

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Sun picked up another open source company this week. bizjournals reported Tuesday the company would buy innotek, the venture behind VirtualBox open source virtualization software. Reaction is mixed at best.


InformationWeek blogger Serdar Yegulalp, for instance, is concerned that the open source project will go by the wayside, and that the proprietary solution that eventually emerges from Sun will lack key features. He says:

... [W]hat we have is too useful and in too many ways to simply become a slice in someone else's pie. But ... Sun's not just purchasing a pile of code but a development team -- and it's that development team which made VirtualBox something special. Here's hoping they, or someone of their ilk, will be able to continue a good thing ...

At the same time, the voices behind The Register's Open Season podcast aren't sure what to think of the move, either. While the software is apparently quite popular, it is also somewhat of a low-end offering, the Open Season regulars say. If that's the case, they ask, why would Sun want to buy it in the first place?


According to Sun's press release on the purchase:

By enabling developers to more efficiently build, test and run applications on multiple platforms, VirtualBox will extend the Sun xVM platform onto the desktop and strengthen Sun's leadership in the virtualization market.