SugarCRM Caves to User Pressure, Moves to GPL v3

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When Sugar Community Edition 5.0 makes its debut in the fall, it will be released under GPL v3, according to a statement from SugarCRM. CEO and founder John Roberts thanked the Free Software Foundation for its efforts in creating the "most modern" open source license and said the company would be proud to adopt it for the latest release.


InfoWorld reports that the change comes in response to pressure from the company's own user community and from the open source community at large to either adopt a license that has been approved by the Open Source Initiative or to stick with its own license (the Sugar Public License) and stop calling its products "open source." The debate on the use of the "open source" label heated up in June when OSI president Michael Tiemann vowed to aggessively defend "the Open Source Definition."


OSI is a non-profit advocacy group that "acts...as a standards body determining what is and isn't open source," according to InfoWorld. On the timing of the change, Roberts says:

[W]e're nearing the end of the longest engineering cycle we've had in our history... If we were going to change the license, now is the time to do it.
He notes that the GPL is better for SugarCRM "for the long term" and that user response to the announcement has been positive so far.