SpringSource Buys Second Open Source Company, G2One


Early this year, SpringSource acquired Covalent Technologies, continuing an open source consolidation trend we've been watching for some time now. Tuesday, the company behind the Spring framework announced it was acquiring a second open source company.


According to InformationWeek, SpringSource will be acquiring G2One, a private company that provides Groovy and Grails technology. Financial details of the arrangement are not being disclosed. Groovy and Grails is a lightweight Java-like scripting language and framework that is used in Java Virtual Machines, and it is based in part on some of the concepts behind the Ruby on Rails framework.


Representatives from both companies see the combination as a great fit. In a recent blog post, G2One CTO Graeme Rocher noted:

Both frameworks aggressively try to makes the lives of developers easier. The Spring Framework provides an abstraction layer of common Java enterprise APIs, whilst Grails uses the Groovy dynamic language to further simplify Spring and Java.

Interestingly, though, InfoWorld blogger Savio Rodrigues wonders whether SpringSource's plan to sell support for Groovy/Grails will prove to be profitable. "There isn't a whole lot of revenue to be had around support for a framework," he says, which SpringSource should know. The company sells Spring products as well as support for the popular framework. He also points to the PHP company Zend as an example: "They're making money from ancillary products around the PHP language, not simply from supporting the PHP language."


So, Rodrigues says, maybe there will be Groovy/Grails products down the road as well.