'Single-Click Search' from Simplexo


Simplexo Enterprise uses open source to add another angle to enterprise search, according to vnunet.com. The product, released worldwide Wednesday, is said to simplify the search process. Because it maps to other indexes and integrates with existing search tools, Simplexo must only index the unstructured data in your network, which saves time and resources. As CTO Simon Bain explained:

If you've got an Autonomy index in place, no one will persuade you to tear it out because of the license and implementation costs. So we'll map to that index and search it ... and we'll do the same for Documentum, OpenText and others.

The UK company's Web site touts Simplexo Enterprise as "single-click search." The days of searching each information silo separately with a different search tool and then having to deduplicate the results are over if this company has anything to say about it. And the fact that its product is open source only adds to the appeal -- or so its leaders are hoping right now.


The open source nature of its technology means Simplexo can use the brain power of the developer community that has grown up around the project to improve and add to the search product's functionality, the story says. And the company's not distracted by 15 (or even five) other things it's doing, CEO Alistair Handyside says. Simplexo's only focus, he said, is enterprise search.