Samsung Fights Back, Wants iPhone 4S Banned in France, Italy


Oh, look ... Samsung and Apple are at it again in Australia. Can't say I'm surprised that it's happening. Apple's on the offensive these days when it comes to intellectual property. I thought they were close to an agreement regarding the Australian market at least.


But according to The Wall Street Journal, the delayed Galaxy Tab launch in Australia that Samsung promised back in August is no longer enough for Apple. The company has asked an Australian court to temporarily enjoin the release of the tablet - until a final decision is made on Apple's infringement claims against Samsung in the U.S.


Samsung, of course, knows the hearings in the U.S. could go on for weeks if not months, and the prospect of a prolonged delay is not pleasant, to say the least. The WSJ reports attorney Neil Young told the judge, "Our product would be kept out of the market for the Christmas period and into next year. Therefore, that product would be dead."


The judge, however, did not indicate how long she would need to rule on the petition. She said only, "I will do it as quickly as possible."


In the meantime, Samsung is doing exactly what it promised now that Apple's newest smartphone has been released. Bloomberg Businessweek reports the company is seeking a ban on sales of the iPhone 4S in France and Italy. Similar requests in other countries will likely follow soon.