Psystar 'Beefs up' Mac Clone Hardware, Speeds Production

Lora Bentley

Just when you thought we'd seen the last of Florida-based Psystar, the company tempting fate by continuing to sell Leopard-based Mac knock-offs, it's back in the news again.


InformationWeek writer Paul McDougall reports:

In an e-mail to customers on Wednesday, the company noted that its Mac clones are now shipping on an improved metal chassis. Psystar claims its new V2 box is "virtually silent," is of a "sturdier steel construction," and is "tool-less to boot!" Psystar is also ramping up its production capabilities, and is now offering an order-to-build time of just four days. "At Psystar, we know time is of the essence," the company said.

Psystar also recently issued a software-service pack that included bug fixes for Leopard.


McDougall points out that the full support system Psystar offers is inviting Apple to pursue litigation to enforce its operating system license restrictions. Legal questions notwithstanding, he says, the company persists:

Last month, the company introduced a new system called OpenPro. It's a beefed up version of its Open Computer Mac clone. The company claims it will ship with a choice of pre-installed operating systems that includes Ubuntu Linux 8.04, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Apple's 'Leopard,' which is also known as OS X 10.5.

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May 29, 2008 10:14 AM Ed Ed  says:
It will be interesting to see how this pans out in the legal arena, if it ever reaches that situation. Now that Apple, Inc. has decided to run an all-Intel platform, I think it weakens Apple's position in regards to its operating system. If we placed it in the Windows world, it would be similar to Microsoft announcing that Windows could only be run on Dell computers from now on, although Lenovo has a machine with identical hardware. What if Microsoft said Windows 7 will only run on AMD chips, and you are not allowed to run it on Intel CPUs?Apple's shift to the Intel platform, I think, raises questions about unfair competition and monopoly; they are forcing customers to purchase average equipment at inflated prices. Their products are beautiful, I'll give them that, but when I see a $300-$600 jump in price, with only a pretty case to show for it, I start to wonder how long Apple will be able to fend off cloners, especially since EFI-based Windows desktops are just around the corner.... Reply
May 31, 2008 6:12 PM Eric Eric  says:
Why would anyone think that we'd seen the last of Psystar? In spite of continual dire predictions from the media and from Apple fans, Apple has done and continues to do nothing to challenge them. Even if Apple does eventually try to stop them it is not clear that a legal decision will work in Apple's favor (which may be why they haven't been anxious to bring this to court).For the naysayers, Psystar was initially nothing but a hoax and a credit card scam. When they did prove to ship a product the blogs jumped on its deficiencies. But Psystar has steadily improved both product and service, and they now offer a fairly attractive mid-range desktop system. That's something that Apple consistently refuses to do. Reply

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