Oracle's Ellison Raises Hackles with Talk of Red Hat Takeaway at Yahoo

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CEO Larry Ellison told analysts this week that Oracle's Linux business is off to a good start. Yahoo is one of the company's first big support clients, and HP, CDW and Dell will resell Oracle Enterprise Linux. That's all good and well -- not to mention easily verifiable.


However, TechNewsWorld reports that he also said Oracle Linux has displaced Red Hat at Yahoo -- which both Yahoo and Red Hat have vehemently denied. A Yahoo representative clarifies that the company's infrastructure uses both Red Hat and Oracle Linux to meet the needs of the 500 million-plus consumers it services. Thus, Red Hat has not been displaced.


So why would Ellison make such a comment? Because he's Larry Ellison. As Yankee Group research fellow Laura Didio puts it, "He's all about drumming up controversy and talking trash to knock his rivals off their game."


The TechNewsWorld piece points to Ellison's statements nearly a year ago when he said the database juggernaut needed its own operating system, and then to the frenzy that resulted six months later when the "Unbreakable Linux" initiative was unveiled. Though Ellison's strategy may have worked briefly -- the leading Linux distributor's stock dropped with the initial Oracle Linux announcement -- it didn't make a dent in Red Hat's financials for the quarter in which it was launched, according to IT Jungle.