Open Source: Valid Model for Better Business

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In a recent interview, Alfresco Software chief marketing officer Ian Howells told IT Business Edge that Sun Microsystems' acquisition of open source database company MySQL makes a lot of sense:

[F]rom a certain perspective, it's a very natural acquisition. Sun's Java powered a lot of first-generation Web sites, and MySQL happened to get into the next generation of Web sites. So from our perspective, it seems very logical.

It gives MySQL access to a larger user base and resolves questions larger potential customers may have had about support, he says. Moreover, the acquisition is good for open source as a whole because it serves to validate "open source as a model to create better companies more quickly."

Howells is not alone in the view that open source is a model that creates better companies quickly, it seems. vnunet.com reported Friday that Europe's Open Source Business Foundation recently gave a total of 75,000 pounds to three winners of its open source business awards.


According to vnunet.com writer Ian Williams:

The awards were created to recognize those companies, institutions and individuals who have been shining examples in creating viable business models around open source development.

First place, and 50,000 pounds, went to open source data mining provider Rapid-I. Open source ERP company Open Bravo, and data optimization specialist brox IT-Solutions took second and third places, respectively.