Mozilla Community Dev Director Urges Switch to Microsoft's Bing

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When fellow IT Business Edge blogger Rob Enderle tweeted this story Friday, he prefaced it with "From news of the weird." And it is certainly weird. Here's the situation.


Neowin.net's Benjamin Rubenstein cites Ars Technica for the news that Mozilla community development director Asa Dotzler is calling for the Firefox faithful to drop Google as their default search engine in favor of Microsoft's Bing. Yes, you read that right: Firefox, the browser that has had a Google search box in the center of its start page for at least as long as I have used it.


In response to comments Google CEO Eric Schmidt made about online privacy in a recent CNBC interview, Dotzler told those who read his personal blog on Thursday (link in the original):

Here's how you can easily switch Firefox's search from Google to Bing. (Yes, Bing does have a better privacy policy than Google.)

And in the next post:

I think that the thing that bothers me most about Google CEO Eric Schmidt's comment is that it makes clear that he simply doesn't understand privacy.


The fact that the CEO of a company that stores so much user information doesn't understand privacy is scary, Dotzler notes. The comment that unnerved Dotzler was, in part:

If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.


Stay tuned to see how/if Mozilla's alliance with Google survives this spat.