Movers and Shakers in Open Source Startups Moving on?


The 451 Group's Matthew Aslett points out Monday that a couple of key people in open source companies appear to be on the move. Well, one is, and the other may be. The second move has yet to be confirmed.


MuleSource co-founder and CEO Dave Rosenberg is leaving the open source integration services company, but apparently not until a new CEO is found. In a CNET News blog post from Friday, which Aslett quotes, Rosenberg wrote,"I initiated a CEO search in June and we expect to have a new person in place by the end of the year at the latest."


As to what exactly he will be doing, Rosenberg won't say yet. (Aslett predicts it has something to do with online games.) Rosenberg did say, however, that a move makes sense now because "a more 'professional' CEO would be able to take the company to the next level -- basically I felt like the opportunity was bigger than me and wanted to grow faster."


Rumor has it that MySQL founder and CTO Monty Widenius also is leaving his company, which is now owned by Sun Microsystems. Though no one will yet confirm that Widenius is resigning, Aslett points out that Sun's MySQL community VP, Kaj Arno, admits that resignation is something that Widenius is willing to think about. Time will tell. Several commenters on Arno's blog post think Widenius has indeed quit.