Media Access, Open Internet Groups Promote Net Neutrality

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Why All the Hype Over Net Neutrality?

Learn what net neutrality is all about and why it's so important.

Thursday was the last day to submit comments on the Federal Communication's Commission's proposed "third way" compromise for broadband regulation, an approach in which the agency suggests identifying "wired broadband Internet service as a telecommunications service," but only applying the parts of Title II of the Communications Act that are necessary to ensure "fundamental universal service, competition and market entry, and consumer protection."


Just as the comment period closed, the Media Access Project submitted two sets of comments for the agency's consideration, according to a press release. The non-profit law firm, which advocates independent media and low-cost universal access to communications services (broadband, for instance), filed on behalf of two groups of clients. One group includes the Center for Media Justice, Consumers Union and New America Foundation. The second group is a coalition of community public interest groups known as the Media Action Grassroots Network.


In both sets of comments, Media Access Project encouraged the FCC to classify both wireless and wireline broadband as telecommunications services. The group's vice president, Parul P. Desai, explained:

The course the commission chooses will decide nothing less than the future of Internet access... The agency's actions today will decide whether or not it can preserve an open and nondiscriminatory Internet that has thus far empowered communities across the country and advanced freedom of expression.

The Open Internet Coalition is also doing its part to increase awareness of the need for an open Internet by sponsoring the "America's Got Net" YouTube video contest. The coalition is soliciting members of the public to make a video of themselves describing why they love the Internet and how it has empowered them. One winner will be chosen in each of three categories: small business, everyday Web user and nonprofit/charity.


Videos can be uploaded to YouTube until midnight PST July 31.