Greenpeace Says Nokia, Sony Ericsson Winning Race to Go Green

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Guide to Green Electronics

18 top manufacturers are ranked according to their policies on toxic chemicals, recycling and climate change.

What do Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Phillips, HP and Samsung have in common? They are the top five companies in the latest version the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics.


The environmental group rates companies primarily on their commitment to three things: eliminating hazardous materials from their products, making use of recycling and take-back programs, and reducing the impact their products and manufacturing processes have on the climate. (A more detailed breakdown of each company's score can be downloaded from the Greenpeace website in PDF format.)


Nokia tops the list with a 7.5. The cell phone maker gets high marks for aggressively phasing toxic chemicals out of its products. On the other hand, its failure to take more advantage of e-waste recycling programs keeps Nokia from achieving an even higher score.


Sony Ericsson was next in line, with a score of 6.9. It is the first company to earn perfect scores in all the chemicals criteria, the report says. Phillips and HP land at third and fourth places, respectively, with scores of 5.5, and Samsung comes up from ninth place in the May 2010 guide to fifth place in the latest one.


Microsoft and Nintendo close out the list at 17th and 18th places, respectively. Microsoft lost points for "backtracking on its commitment" to phase out certain chemicals by the end of this year, according to the report. Nintendo earned no points on the e-waste criteria and failed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions despite a previous commitment to do so.