gOS Space Presents Unique Experience Without Sacrificing Usability, Blogger Says

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gOS released a new version of its Linux operating system earlier this year.


Tech Republic's Jack Wallen says gOS Space is nearly good enough to convince him to switch from the previous gOS version and his preferred Enlightenment desktop environment. So what is it about gOS Space that's so attractive?


First, the desktop environment is a unique mix. Along with a bit of Enlightenment code and the Avant Window Navigator, it also includes GNOME and Compiz Fusion. Wallen, a self-proclaimed desktop minimalist in the past, says he was blown away by all the eye candy in Space. Yet it wasn't too much, somehow. He says:

It is one of the most eye-candy-filled Linux versions I have seen that does not require high-end hardware to coax the OS into even thinking about running. ...The "effects" are not so overwhelming as to be in the way.

He also lauds the inclusion of Gears in this release, noting that it is useful for laptop and mobile users who may need to access or update material using tools like Google Docs, Picasa or even a Wordpress-powered blog like this one. They can make changes offline, and then Gears will sync the updates to the Web sites once an online connection is available.


The one drawback, according to Wallen, is that the bells and whistles make the minimum space requirements not so minimum, and the OS runs a little slower on his old hardware than the previous version did. But, he concludes, usability was not sacrificed.