Google Search, Blogger Info Subpoenaed


On Tuesday, Google and other ISPs were getting a bad rap for collecting and sharing user behavior without permission. Today, the world's largest search engine is in the news for not sharing -- or at least for its reluctance to share. InformationWeek reports that Eric Albritton has served a subpoena on Google, seeking blog posts and search queries related to a defamation suit he brought against Cisco Systems.


Albritton, an attorney practicing in Texas, alleges that Cisco and certain individuals defamed his character by asserting in a blog post that he had conspired with a court clerk to ensure that a particular patent case was not thrown out of court. According to InformationWeek, he is asking Google to provide:

all documents referring to or related to communications between Richard Frenkel, Cisco's former director of intellectual property who maintained the Troll Tracker blog; Dennis Crouch, a law professor at the University of Missouri who maintains the Patently-O blog; and other individuals associated with Cisco;... Patent Troll Tracker blog posts and information about blog posts made on Oct. 16 and 17 last year; and...all documents related to searches of the Internet and of the blog that involve his name.

Writer Thomas Claburn says Google will likely try to limit the scope of the discovery request.