German Court Sides with Samsung in Apple Patent Fight

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For the third time in recent months, Apple lost a bid to have Samsung's Galaxy Tab computers banned in certain countries. According to AFP, a regional court in Dsseldorf decided Thursday that design changes to the tablet made it "sufficiently different" from the iPad. The court said simply:

[T]he sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1N does not contravene competition law. Apple's iPad computers and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N are rival products of equal value.

The decision is merely the latest to come out of the global legal battle between the two companies. And as large as this specific battle has become, it is only a small part of the war that Apple is waging on the mobile device front. Though those suits have been filed against various handset and tablet makers, since the beginning, some observers have said the Cupertino, Calif.-based company's real target is Google and its Android mobile platform.


Those observers were proven to at least be on the right track when Google announced its intention to purchase Motorola Mobility. The purchase, which antitrust regulators are expected to approve soon, gave Google the legal standing it needs to intervene in cases Apple had filed against Motorola, as well as to file its own against Apple.


On that front, Apple has also lost recently. Just last week TechSpot reported Motorola won an injunction against Apple's iCloud service and had some Apple devices banned in Germany.