Forrester: Big Business Must Forget OS X, Linux and Move to Windows Vista

Lora Bentley

Forrester says big business is better off with Windows Vista and should avoid Mac OS X or Linux. Computerworld blogger Preston Gralla pointed to the study on Wednesday -- in total agreement with its findings. From the looks of things, his opinion didn't make him all that popular with readers, even in the last day.


According to the executive summary, report author Benjamin Gray concludes:

... [T]here are some harsh realities for those considering skipping Windows Vista. As a result, we're recommending that most clients start the migration to Windows Vista sooner rather than later to avoid potential pitfalls.

Gralla notes that the report doesn't stop there. Not only does Forrester suggest that big companies should begin deploying Windows Vista as soon as possible, the research firm also says that Mac OS X and Linux won't cut it. Gralla quotes the report, in part, this way:

But switching over thousands of users at a time from Windows to one of these alternative platforms is simply not a viable option.

He says Mac OS X and Linux are good for certain niches, but for large enterprises, making the move from Windows to one of the alternatives is just impractical. Interestingly, though, that's the end of the discussion. He doesn't explain how a migration from Windows would be impractical. More than that, he doesn't mention the expense and headache that could come with a Vista upgrade, and his readers have called him on it.


One, identified as mikeytag, says this:

I have yet to talk to another IT professional that actually likes the idea of deploying Vista in their organization. Almost everyone of them is looking into various distros of Linux as an alternative to get more mileage out of their existing hardware and remove vendor lock-in. I can tell you from personal experience that the benefits of switching to a Linux environment in the enterprise FAR outweigh the cons. And even outweigh the benefits of staying with Windows.

An anonymous poster also points out that the viable alternative to Windows Vista is to skip it until the next Windows operating system appears.

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Apr 17, 2008 8:34 AM Jarrell Jarrell  says:
Mike put it best, it seems like the more i read these "independent studies" that companies put out, it seems like the money used to do the study was funded by Microsoft. Not only the money to upgrade systems, but also the money to license every one of those computers Reply
Apr 17, 2008 12:56 PM Xray Spex Xray Spex  says:
Whether or not MS actually paid for this PR, the dubious conclusions of this so-called study are remarkably consistent with MS' wishes for their sorry OS. Forrester does "consulting" for the enterprises whom they're urging to upgrade. Surprisingly many users have had a difficult time with their new Vista machines, and many others who at least enjoy stable systems have found it slow, and complain of arbitrary UI changes . In short, an inferior product to Windows XP (SP2, anyway). By offering this sage advice to big businesses, Forrester is in effect proposing the full employment act for Vista consultants such as themselves. I assume also that sales of Mr. Gralla's books on Vista have been sluggish. Reply
Apr 17, 2008 2:31 PM James Esonkavich James Esonkavich  says:
Good news for Microsoft! With Linux and OS X out of the way, they can charge literally anything for their crappy software. Is there any other industry where so many "analysts" can actually say less choice and competition in the market is a good thing? Reply
Apr 17, 2008 7:12 PM Mike Mike  says:
Are you nuts Vista is a joke its the new Windows ME and isnt easy to use switching to linux would save money not only becasue its free and most of the software is free. It is also easier to use the Vista. I have used both and Linux is 10x easier to use and uses about the third of my computers resources. You would be spending a couple 100k just to upgrade your systems to run Vista. Reply
Apr 18, 2008 1:59 PM DaveB DaveB  says:
I think all of these pieces should start off with "study paid for by .... ". These guys don't work for free, and if the client doesn't like the results they don't get published. I didn't get to read the whole "report" but from what I saw he didn't actually say Vista was in any way "better", it was more like it was an unfortunate inevitability ..... sorry buddy, but I don't agree.The problem that most entrprises have is that over the years they have bought into making their systems microsoft-complient, not industry or ISO complient, and now they are stuck.If they worked at making things industry complient they could migrate to whatever the heck they wanted, and you can bet that if that was the case no IT manager would be able to make a good business case for being all-MS. Reply

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