Dell to Offer Solaris, OpenSolaris on Servers

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In case you missed it earlier this week, Dell has agreed to support Sun Microsystems' Solaris and OpenSolaris operating systems on its servers. It's the second time in less than a month that Sun has warmed a cool relationship -- no pun intended -- enough to create a partnership.


eWEEK reports:

Customers buying a Dell rack or blade server will get the option of installing Solaris or OpenSolaris. Customers picking one of these operating systems will get support from Sun's online support organization through Dell.... Dell will test, certify, and optimize Solaris and OpenSolaris on its rack and blade servers and offer them as one of several choices in the overall Dell software menu.

Michael Dell and Jonathan Schwartz made the announcement during a joint appearance at Oracle OpenWorld 2007 on Nov. 14, the story says. The deal expands both companies' markets. Dell gets access to the OpenSolaris community as well as "the proprietary Solaris development world," as writer Chris Preimesberger puts it. Sun, on the other hand, gets an open door into Dell's SMB user base.


Commenting on the deal, Dell Product Group's vice president of solutions, Rick Becker, told eWEEK:

There are three main reasons we are doing this. No. 1 is Sun's new and strong commitment to x86 systems; secondly, a lot of people are already using the Solaris operating systems; and three, our existing customers are asking for this option.