Consumer Group Satirizes Schmidt, Calls for 'Do Not Track' List

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Six Privacy Principles Google Forgot


Like I said last week, I had to laugh when I saw Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was petitioning to keep his "private life private" and out of a lawsuit in which Paul Ceglia is seeking an 84 percent ownership stake in Facebook. Shortly thereafter, Google's Eric Schmidt and his company's lack of concern for user privacy are in the spotlight.


Computerworld reports Consumer Watchdog has created a 15-second advertisement that will air 36 times a day from now until Oct. 15 - on the 540-square-foot digital display in Times Square. The ad is an animated satire in which Schmidt is depicted as an a spying ice cream truck driver. According to the consumer advocacy group, the ad's goal is to "draw attention to the... need for Google... to stop gathering personal information without user consent."


Consumer Watchdog is renewing the push for a "Do Not Track" list, which would be similar to the Do Not Call list established by the Federal Trade Commission. Director John Simpson said:

There seems to be a great demand among the population for serious and meaningful privacy controls that curb online tracking. There also appears to be a growing receptiveness within Congress for such legislation.


According to a recent survey conducted for Consumer Watchdog, 80 percent of Americans favor a "Do Not Track" list, and an even larger majority (86 percent) would support "options that would allow them to stop anyone from tracking their online searches and purchases."