Ceglia Credits Fraud Arrest for Facebook Lawsuit

Lora Bentley
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If Facebook can remember these five facts about user privacy, its headaches may begin to fade.

Remember Paul Ceglia, the New York businessman who is suing Mark Zuckerberg for an 84 percent ownership stake in Facebook? Monday, he told Bloomberg he never would have filed that lawsuit if he hadn't been arrested for fraud last year.


Of course he wouldn't have filed the lawsuit if he hadn't been arrested. He wouldn't need a quick infusion of cash if he wasn't facing a restitution order and fines. But that's not how Ceglia is spinning it. Writer Bob Van Voris reported:

Ceglia's arrest...got him looking through old files to find assets to pay back customers, he said in an interview in his home in Wellsville, New York. One of those files held a forgotten 2003 contract with Mark Zuckerberg.


Until he found the contract, Ceglia says, he had forgotten about it.


But the fact that Ceglia has only produced a photocopy of what he claims is the original document gives Facebook representatives reason to doubt its authenticity. In a written statement, the company called Ceglia's claims "absurd...if not outright fraudulent."


The timing of the suit also raises eyebrows. If you think you have a claim to Facebook, why wait seven years after the fact to raise that claim? Again, Ceglia says he forgot. But I don't buy that any more than I buy that he happened to find the contract just when he needed a pile of cash to pay back his customers.


Think about it. If you worked or went to school with someone who eventually made it big - wrote a best-seller, ran a big business, whatever -- wouldn't you just have fun dropping his name every now and then, whether you stood to gain anything from it or not? I would. In fact, I've done it. One of my good friends from college went on to write an award-winning novel. I was so proud of her I couldn't wait to tell people about that book.


I certainly didn't forget I'd even associated with her, even though the book was published 10 years after we graduated.


I can't imagine the court will entertain this suit much longer.

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Oct 28, 2010 4:47 PM newbedave newbedave  says:
eduardo offered finance to get facebook up and runing but zuckerberg spent the money on him self selfish prick zuck spent eduardo saverin money and spat in his face your best friend

So ass one last effort to save facbook david contacted sean parker At the time, he was running an online site called Napstar, and he was also working on another site called Wired Hog parker at the time was on the move moving in to a new address :I started conversing with

sean parker about the idea facebook ;so i contacted the guys and gave them the new address of sean parker;and it was at this time zuckerberg was starting to argue with eduardo saverin:you see zuck had what he needed to steal facebook :{sean parker}

Sean wanted 55% ownership of the project for his input so dave told him this was unacceptable and then he turned round and told Mark Zuckerberg had made him a better offer.dave told him that Mark did not own the idea of Facebook.

He then got smart and asked me if dave knew what emails were and whether I could produce any evidence.dave took this as an attempt to see whether I could prove everything that took place and for him to use this as a weapon to see if he could gouge out as much interest in Facebook as he could, and he tried to play me off against Zuckerberg to get the maximum holdings of Facebook.I received an email from Parker saying that Zuckerberg had offered him 5% and was I interested in offering him more.At this point, I told him to **** off and that Facebook was not Zuckerberg's idea

So dave found a site at Harvard called Harvard Connect (later, in 2004 changed to Harvard Connect To You) run by Cameron and Taylor Winklevoss, and dave explained everything about Facebook and the dealings with Zuckerberg, Dustin and Chris and how dave believed that Zuckerberg was in the process of stealing david idea, and I dave asked if the Winklevosses were interested in running Facebook on the Harvard site

They expressed enthusiasm in the offer and liked the idea of running the site as they liked the concept of Facebook.They told me that they were going to change their site name and redesign it at that time (to Harvard Connect To You The person they called in to help them

redesign their site was Mark Zuckerberg who then stole their platform :I told them that zuckerberg was a crook the winklevoss where to dumb and dupe by zuckerberg LooooooooL.

And what do the winklevoss remind me off;its two building and the two buildings were the TWIN TOWERS you guys talk about the truth like you own the truth but you do not and never will .

dave then went to Aaron Greenspan who was running house systems at Harvard and asked him (under an email non disclosure agreement) to run Facebook on his site which he agreed to do. aaron greenspan used the (info) to extort financal money out of facebook and zuckerberg paid the extortion money and dave call it extortion U see zuckerberg new aaron greenspan new zuck had stolen the idea facebook .I sent all the emails copy to aaron greenspan:{ aaron sold him self off like a hooker standing on a street corner } and what was that quotation aaron that quotation you set me about honour and truth you now the same bullshit the winklevoss are bullshiting on about

zuckerberg then went on to create a FAKE CONNECT 2U account filled with FAKE information from the stolen platform he stole from the winklevoss Dave got a email from this FAKE CONNECT 2U account . Reply

Oct 28, 2010 4:47 PM newbedave newbedave  says:
but dave new it was FAKE it was zuckerberg .

zuckerber wonted more info and idea to steal so dave gave one idea and it was to put a silver layer around the F word on facebook to see if zuckerberg was going to steal this idea and yes he did

david then log a complaint to the FBI about this stolen fake connect 2u account with fake information and about mark zuckerberg

dave posted a copy of the emails to ben mezrick and to david kirkpatrick as for kirkpatrick your book is a joke and so are you :

you are just a fence jumper david kirkpatrick and its chris that is the gay one you dick 'you sold yourself out you were given the full story of how zuckerberg stole facebook;and sold out.

the winklevoss contacted sumers at UV about zuckerberg but summers new the full story of how zuckerberg stole facebook and it was david idea ?

there was coup organized by divyn narendra to over frow zuck from the idea FB but was a failure the winklevoss were to dumb yes dumb &dumber

david kirkpatrick &ben mezrick were givin copes of the emails in and around 2004 and can confirm the story above

So there we have it the full story of how facebook started:


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