Apple's Next-Gen OS: What Do You Want to See?

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What's next for Apple on the operating system front? Any ideas? The company isn't close to the next-generation OS yet, says AppleMatters' Hadley Stern, but he has a wish list when that day comes.


Topping his list are a new finder, more speed, and a means of user interaction other than keyboard and mouse. On the latter, he notes that it's not hard to see multi-touch in the future, given what Apple has already done with the iPhone (or for that matter, what Microsoft did with Surface). As for speed, Stern simply says users need an OS that can "keep up" as the number of files and the applications they use to access those files grows. He points out:

Up until Leopard[,] OS X ran slower than OS 9, [or] at least the Finder did. That's right [--] if you ran OS 9 on the fastest G4...it would run faster than Tiger, no matter how fast the processor.

Finally, he says there has to be a better way to find files than clicking through folders and dragging and dropping files. Again, he says, the current finder paradigm isn't keeping up with the volume of material users must access. Whether it's based on search technology or is something entirely different, now is the time for something new in this area.