Apple Wins Galaxy Ban in Australia, Samsung Hopes to Avoid Ban in Europe

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In the ongoing fight between Samsung and Apple over Galaxy smartphone and tablet computer designs, it appears that Samsung is caving. Not enough to pay royalties to Apple or otherwise admit that its devices infringe Apple's patents, of course. But InformationWeek reports the company is tweaking its Galaxy devices in an attempt to avoid the sales ban currently in place in Europe.


Though he didn't go into detail regarding precisely what would be changed, spokesman James Chung said:

Some of the technologies that Apple claimed violated their patents can be easily modified with alternative technologies.

Meanwhile, Samsung is also seeking to ban sales of Apple's iPhone 4S in France and Italy, arguing that the newest Apple offering infringes two of its patents covering Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) standards for 3G devices. Observers have said that similar cases in other countries are sure to follow.


For now, though, Apple retains the upper hand. Thursday a judge in Australia entered a temporary injunction preventing Samsung from selling its Galaxy tablet computer. According to The Wall Street Journal, independent analyst Paul Biddle says the decision represents "a long term loss for Apple." He explained:

I can clearly see that Apple has a case that it has created some innovative new technology, but on the other hand the reality is we live in an open world and you cannot because of one innovation stop the rest of the world going in similar directions.