Who Would SMBs Support in U.S. Presidential Election?

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OK, with just about two months until the U.S. presidential election, it's time for stories looking at poll results to kick into high gear. For instance, now we all know that white women like Republican presidential candidate John McCain better with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on his ticket.


Fortune just produced an election package (published on CNNMoney.com) featuring a poll that shows SMBs fairly evenly divided in their support of McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama, a result that mirrors the broader electorate. According to the poll, if the election were held today McCain would get 43 percent of the SMB vote and Obama 40 percent. Of the remaining 17 percent, 9 percent would vote for Libertarian Bob Barr, 4 percent for someone else, and 5 percent remain undecided.


Forty-eight percent of SMBs view McCain favorably vs. 52 percent who view him unfavorably. For Obama, 44 percent of SMBs hold a favorable impression vs. 55 percent with an unfavorable impression. Oddly, 1 percent of survey respondents aren't sure how they feel about Obama.


Forty-six percent of respondents feel a McCain administration would be better for their business vs. 34 percent who give the nod to an Obama administration. A significant 20 percent say they aren't sure. Not surprisingly, jobs/the economy is the single biggest issue for SMBs, mentioned by 50 percent of respondents. Other concerns with double-digit mentions: terrorism (34 percent), energy costs (27 percent), taxes (19 percent), health care (18 percent), immigration (14 percent) and the environment (10 percent).