Web Briefing Includes More Tribalization of Business Survey Results

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When I interview folks, I try to ask the questions I think my readers would pose if they were on the phone with the interviewee. I'm sure I miss the boat a fair amount of the time, leaving readers wondering "Why on earth didn't she ask...?"


For folks who had that reaction to my interview with Ed Moran, Deloitte's director of product innovation, concerning theTribalization of Business study that examined companies' use of social networks and other online communities, I'd suggest they consider attending a free Web briefing from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time tomorrow. Presented by Deloitte, along with survey partners Beeline Labs and the Society for New Communication Research, it will no doubt delve into details not included in my interview.


Among the bullet points included in my e-mail invite:

  • Ninety-four percent of respondents plan to maintain or increase investment in their online communities.
  • The top business objectives for externally facing online communities are: enhancing word-of-mouth (38 percent), customer loyalty (34 percent) and brand awareness (30 percent), followed by idea generation (29 percent) and improved customer support quality (23 percent).
  • The biggest obstacles to creating a successful community are: getting people to join (24 percent), keeping community members engaged (30 percent) and keeping members coming back (21 percent).
  • Twenty percent of respondents have established "ambassador" programs, which reward members for being active in the community.


Registration looks pretty painless.