Tale from the SMB Outsourcing Trenches


Just a few weeks ago I wrote about SMBs and outsourcing, providing links to a number of articles, including one that illustrated the kinds of cost savings SMBs could expect to achieve by outsourcing different types of services and another that listed suggestions for companies considering outsourcing.

More valuable information on outsourcing is contained in this eWEEK piece, penned by the owner of a public relations company who describes how her SMB moved from employing a full-time pro to handle its IT, to a piecemeal approach of using a hosted e-mail provider supplemented with a variety of free services, to finally settling on a national provider that offer soups-to-nuts IT services.

This approach saves her company about $180,000 a year, writes the author.

She condenses her advice down to three points:

  1. Check references and select a reputable provider. (D'uh, right? She provides a link to a handy site that lists and ranks global managed service providers.)
  2. Make sure you engage a provider that is willing to drill down into the details of any problems encountered, as her provider did with bouncing e-mails.
  3. Get a provider with enough staff and customer support resources to provide quick responses to questions. She suggests finding one with a well-executed eSupport program.