Salaries Tighten, at SMBs and Bigger Companies Too


Earlier this month I wrote about how SMBs should promote employee benefits such as easy access to senior executives to attract talented hires rather than getting into a compensation contest with bigger companies.


Conventional wisdom says that SMBs generally can't match the salaries offered by larger competitors. And conventional wisdom is often right, based on a recent IT compensation survey conducted by Janco Associates.


TechRepublic blogger Toni Bowers highlight's Janco's comparison of salaries for six positions. The biggest salary gap between SMBs and larger companies surveyed by Janco is for a disaster recovery coordinator, paid $152,696 at large companies and $102,598 at SMBs. Similarly large differences are seen for programmers/analysts and senior network specialists.


Interestingly, software engineers, database specialists and systems support specialists earn more at SMBs than at large companies, with SMB software engineers getting some $36,000 more than their counterparts at large companies.


Janco bases its company size criteria on annual gross revenue, notes Bowers, with companies pulling in less than a half-billion dollars considered SMBs. The biggest takeaway from comments following Bowers' post is that Janco's figures seem awfully high to some folks.


For a more depressing take on the survey, this Insurance Networking News article points out that IT hiring demand is at its lowest point since 2004, thanks to companies lowering or even eliminating discretionary spending. IT salary increases over the last year largely have not kept up with growth in the cost of living. Janco's findings appear to mesh with those of Goldman Sachs & Co., which also mentioned a slowing demand for discretionary projects as well as an increase in the number of IT executives considering staff cuts in the coming months.