SaaS Makes Sense for SMB E-Mail Archiving

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We all know e-mail security is important, since malware and lots of other bad stuff can enter a company through e-mail. But compliance is important too, as companies are increasingly expected to retain all e-mail communications to defend themselves in legal actions and to produce accurate financial statements.


SMBs are looking for e-mail solutions that combine storage, security and disaster recovery capabilities. Privately held e-mail services provider LiveOffice aims to offer that with a new product called Mail Archive. The company is ahead of big competitors like EMC and Symantec, which have yet to introduce e-mail archival services, although they are expected to do so soon, reports internetnews.com.


Forrester Research analyst Jo Maitland expects Mail Archive and similar software-as-a-service offerings to appeal to SMBs due to their ease of use. The need for such solutions is fairly obvious, she says in the internetnews.com article:

SMB mailboxes are growing at a ridiculous rate. It can be difficult for small companies without Exchange experts to keep a handle on the growth, as well as back-end storage costs.

IT Business Edge's Carl Weinschenk agrees with Maitland that SaaS can be a great way for overextended companies to improve their security capabilities. He writes:

In general, SaaS provides companies with expertise that they lack. This has particularly strong potential in the security sector, where new threats and new approaches to thwarting those threats proliferate at a dizzying rate. It's hard for security pros to keep up, much less firms with undermanned and overworked IT departments -- or no IT department at all.

The e-mail archiving market is expected to swell from $1.7 billion today to $6.6 billion by 2012, according to the Radicati Group. Though three-quarters of current e-mail archiving products are on-premises solutions, the analyst company expects interest in SaaS to grow.