Online Data Backup Has Inherent Appeal for SMBs

Ann All

Turns out we exposed only the tip of what looks to be a pretty substantial iceberg in our previous blog about the growing array of online data backup options for SMBs.


Online backup has inherent appeal for SMBs, who tend to value simplicity above all else, as Illuminata analyst Wayne Kernochan told us in a July interview, "The Simpler, the Better for SMB IT." For many, if not most, SMBs:

...the line between IT and everything else is very blurred; people outside the IT people constantly do things that you'd say might be the job of an IT department. This is part of being a jack-of-all-trades. ... They want as few levers as possible and as much as possible done for them so the non-technical user can keep it going.

An IDC analyst interviewed in a recent internetnews.com article says it is "still a relatively smallish market," but will likely not remain that way for long. That's a safe bet, judging by the growing number of vendors offering such services.


The article mentions backup.com, Mozy.com, ThetaBackup.com and Remote Backup Systems' RBackup. Some of the same products are reviewed in an Small Biz Resource article. There are also offerings from big vendors like Dell and Symantec.


The internetnews.com article is an especially good read, because of its checklist of features that should prove handy for SMBs shopping for an online data backup solution.

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