Looking for Staff in Not Enough Places

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Feeling the squeeze of a tech talent shortage, CIOs are getting more creative about where they look for workers. Yet forays into Facebook notwithstanding, many CIOs suffer from a kind of tunnel vision when it comes to recruitment, says Forrester Research.


In an interview on CIO.com, Forrester analyst Samuel Bright says that CIOs are neither sophisticated nor proactive enough in their hiring practices. TechRepublic blogger Ramon Padilla made a similar point a few months back, saying that many tech execs aren't treating the talent shortage as the serious problem that it is shaping up to be.


Rather than using common tactics such as trying to poach talent from other IT shops or working with a recruiter -- both of which lead to salary inflation and have other shortcomings that are detailed in the interview -- Bright urges CIOs to focus recruitment efforts on current IT professionals, college students and tech-savvy business people. The latter category seems especially promising, given CIOs' desire for IT staff with business skills.


Other recruitment options that Bright says don't get enough attention: academic researchers and/or faculty, consultants and other contractors, and vendor staff.


Bright also advises CIOs to create a "brand" for an IT organization by determining its attractive cultural traits and then promoting them to attract folks especially interested in those traits. Business people, for instance, often like to work for organizations known for their process innovation.