IT Pros Want to See the Money

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When it comes to recruiting and retaining talented IT pros, flexible schedules and other such "soft" benefits are fine, but plenty of workers want to see more money as well.


At least that's the conclusion we can draw from a recent Computing Technology Industry Association survey, which found that 58 percent of IT pros are actively seeking new employment; 73 percent of those folks cite a desire for more money as the primary reason for their job search.


We're not surprised that IT pros may be hoping to cash in on a resurgence in hiring. According to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, IT hiring grew a whopping 184 percent between the first and second quarters of 2006.


It's not an across-the-board boom, however. Many companies are outsourcing commodity positions such as programmers even as they try to woo specialists like application engineers and those with broader business skills.


In a recent interview, one expert told us that professional development programs could be a key way for companies to build the skills they need among their most ambitious employees -- who are likely the same folks they want to keep on staff.


Assuming that your employees already have some loyalty to the company, offering them greater potential for advancement may make looking for work elsewhere a lot less compelling. Of course, smart employers will also be willing to sweeten their salaries when employees do attain these new skills.