Give SMBs What They Want: IT Management

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It would be simplistic -- not to mention just plain wrong -- to assume that SMBs have only basic infrastructure needs.


As a recent IT-Director.com column written by a Quocirca analyst points out, more than half of SMB employees use PCs. Not only that, but most SMBs have workers in more than one location, and nearly two-thirds of them allow external parties such as customers or partners to access their IT systems.


And we've blogged before about SMBs' interest in wireless connectivity, unified communications and other advanced networking capabilities.


Given this complexity, maybe it's not surprising that only a little more than 25 percent of SMBs report being satisfied with their IT management capabilities. The SMBs with no IT management tools are the least satisfied with their capabilities.


The SMBs reporting the highest degree of satisfaction with IT management are the 35 percent that outsource it to a third party. The larger the SMB, the more likely it is to outsource, according to the Quocirca research.


Yet only 42 percent of VARs surveyed by Quocirca offer IT management services. More should consider doing so, opines the analyst, noting that they can leverage high-end enterprise IT management tools to serve multiple SMB customers.


The analyst writes:

"Perhaps IT management services need to become a ubiquitous part of the supply of IT infrastructure and applications."

Makes sense to us.