Few Praises to Sing (Yet) for ExecTweets


Earlier this week, IT Business Edge published an item about a new Federated Media service called ExecTweets that appears to be an effort to cash in on the burgeoning popularity of the microblogging site Twitter. ExecTweets aggregates tweets from top business executives. Microsoft sponsors it, Federated Media runs it and Twitter gets a cut. (The latter is a bone for all of the increasingly obsessive business reporters and other folks who are wondering just how Twitter is going to make money.)


Huh. Executive blogs aren't exactly popular. Why would microblogs be any better? They are certainly quicker to digest -- but not necessarily any more nourishing, based on what is currently seen on ExecTweets. A sampling:


  • "Be ethical. Find work your (sic) passionate about. Always work on relationships."
  • "Just enjoyed dinner with Charlotte Beers on the eve of her induction into the Ad Hall of Fame. She's a legend. What a well deserved honor."
  • "Just interviewed by http://www.mediaincanada.com/ to discuss CEO twittering and social media. Its all about getting the conversation going." (As with so much of the content in the larger Twitter universe, people on ExecTweets spend a lot of time talking about Twitter.)


Also similar to Twtter itself, many of the tweets are simply links to lengthier blog posts. So back to my earlier point about executive blogs: Will they be any more popular with users entering through a Twitter gateway? Guess we'll find out soon.


The directory of executives offered on the site is hardly comprehensive. Where, wonders TheDeal.com, is Jason Calacanis, the serial entrepreneur behind Mahalo.com, Weblogs Inc. and Silcon Valley Reporter? Calcanis' own conclusion, contained in a tweet: "guess i'm too unprofessional."