Entrepreneurs Making Bangalore an 'Incipient Silicon Valley of the East'

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A while back, we blogged about employees of India's outsourcing industry becoming pretty stressed out due to heavy workloads, odd hours and other factors. Now some of them are choosing a different kind of stress -- one that may require them to work even harder, but at least gives them more control of their own destinies.


The International Herald Tribune reports that Bangalore is becoming an "incipient Silicon Valley of the East," thanks to ambitious entrepreneurs who are leaving their jobs at outsourcing companies to found their own start-ups.


This activity has attracted the attention of several Silicon Valley venture capital firms like Sequoia Capital, according to the story. An executive from one VC predicts that "there will be a Skype out of India in the next five years."


One entrepreneur featured in the story studied at Indiana's Purdue University and returned to India to work at a life-sciences company, but along with a friend logged four hours of code-writing every night after work to create a start-up photo-sharing site called Picsquare.


The story cites several factors contributing to this trend, including a strong economy, a burgeoning consumer market that is inspiring some entrepreneurs to create products and services for the domestic market, and Indians returning to their native country after gaining work experience in the United States and elsewhere. Many of them are seeking work that is more personally rewarding than the often-monotonous tasks they perform in the back offices of U.S.-owned firms.


Among the hurdles faced by India's entrepreneurs: power outages, a lack of business acumen and a culture resistant to risk-taking.