Echoing Real Life, IBM Expands Second Life Presence in Asia


IBM's presence in the virtual Second Life community is beginning to more closely resemble its business image in the real world.


According to The Economic Times, Big Blue is adding more avatars from India, China, Hong Kong and Korea to its PartnerWorld virtual island, where IBM staff, partners and clients are invited to collaborate in meetings, training sessions and other online events. The new staffers will join avatars from North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.


Explains Sanjiv R Pande, IBM.com's vice-president of India/South Asia:

Clients are increasingly looking for convenient ways of interacting with their suppliers. We have always been accessible through our traditional Web engines with solutions that allow customers to interact and transact with IBM over the Web. We are now taking this accessibility to the next level.

As I blogged last spring, IBM is undertaking an ambitious $6 billion business expansion in India, growing its staff numbers there while scaling them back in the U.S. and elsewhere. So it's not surprising to see a similar adjustment of personnel in Second Life.


The market for outsourced services is rapidly heating up in India and elsewhere in the Asia-Pac region, even as it appears to sputter in the U.S.