E-mail with a Web 2.0 Twist


Earlier this year, IT Business Edge VP Ken-Hardin wrote about his desire to tweak Outlook to compel respondents to Reply to All instead of just to him. As he wrote: "Splintered e-mail brainstorming threads make me nuts; the splintered reply is almost always the smartest feedback you get."


He went on to note that Web 2.0 tools in many cases simply make it a bit easier to engage in the kinds of communication and collaboration that are, to some degree, already possible in tools like e-mail. Given that anything new, including shiny 2.0 technologies, might encounter user resistance, maybe it makes sense to put a 2.0 twist on e-mail. And let's get real, it's not like e-mail is going away any time soon.


That appears to be the aim of Zapproved, a new Web-based tool that makes it easier to manage projects through e-mail. As TechFlash's John Cook writes, Zapproved allows folks to invite coworkers to participate in a project and then tracks all comments and changes while spotlighting due dates and other deadlines.


The entry-level version is free, while a $12-a-month subscription offers extra storage and a lengthier storage period. In the works are integration with Outlook, electronic signatures and the ability to share contact lists, writes Cook.


Earlier this month, Forbes columnist Dan Woods wrote about another tool that sounds like it boasts some similar features, a new product by ActionBase that "combines a wiki-like document structure with a simple way of modeling and managing tasks through Outlook and Word."