Does Contact Center Size Matter to SMBs?


Does size matter to SMBs when it comes to contact centers?


At least one company, Scotland's VoiceStream Group, thinks so. In an interview with Hindu Business Line India, VoiceStream Chairman Paul Kopec discusses his company's decision to acquire a 75 percent ownership stake in India's Helios Outsourcing.


VoiceStream hopes to invest in 100 contact centers across India that employ 50 to 200 agents each. VoiceStream expects to invest some $3 million in these centers over the next two years. Smaller contact centers are not only easier to manage but also offer a better cultural fit for his company's SMB clients, says Kopec:

Size always creates an element of macro management and that we believe is not desired by small and medium companies outsourcing from the UK. We have witnessed over the last few years that the smaller the center is, the greater is the attention and devotion given to small processes and it is this that we seek in our efforts to secure 50 more call centers to partner with us.

Many other countries, including Jamaica, the Philippines and various Latin American destinations, are pitching themselves as contact center alternatives to India. But, says Kopec:

... we believe there is still a long way to go for any other country to become as competitive in terms of quality, delivery and cost in comparison to the Indian scenario.

Kopec's interview also touches on several of the challenges facing the Indian outsourcing market, including staff shortages, wage inflation and a weak U.S. dollar.