BI on the Move -- Literally

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The convergence of two hot business intelligence trends -- real-time BI and mobile BI -- makes perfect sense to us.


After all, what good does it do to generate real-time data if the decision-makers who need it are away from the office? It's no problem at all if they are toting their trusty BlackBerries or other mobile devices.


Cognos just released a tool called 8 Go! Mobile that it says "uniquely addresses the needs of joint RIM (BlackBerry creator Research In Motion) and Cognos customers who require mission-critical BI information delivered directly to their mobile workforce."


Cognos touts two key advantages in an Intelligent Enterprise article: Desktop reports do not have to be redesigned to be delivered to a BlackBerry, and Go! Mobile makes better use of the BlackBerry's native navigational features than do other mobile BI solutions.


One such competitor, from Business Objects, is based on a J2ME platform. A Business Objects spokesperson says that its product boasts a handy feature not found in Go! Mobile: a write-back capability that allows users to update information in the BI platform from a mobile device.


Use cases for mobile BI cited in an iTWire article -- of delivering lost luggage reports to ground crews and maintenance reports to oil rig inspectors -- also support the increasingly popular idea of making BI available to non-managerial employees.


According to an InformationWeek survey, while just 13 percent of companies send BI data to mobile devices now, another third are likely to do so in the next two years.