Best Buy Crowdsources Job Description


OK, so earlier this week I wrote about companies' increasing use of social channels like Facebook and Twitter to ferret out potential talent. They also use such channels to research job candidates and to promote themselves as great places to work.


Electronics retailer Best Buy is further pushing the social recruitment envelope by asking folks to visit its Best Buy IdeaX Web site and help create the job description for the company's senior manager of emerging media marketing. It'll accept ideas through July 14, and site visitors will be able to vote on which description they think is best, in a process essentially the same as one used to vet ideas on Dell's IdeaStorm site.


Chief Marketing Officer Barry Judge says the company hopes to promote "a really robust discussion that perhaps will foster clarity for how to craft these types of roles." That'll be important moving forward. As I've written before, there are far too many self-proclaimed social media "experts" with few real qualifications.


Judge writes on his blog:


Of course the resulting job description that we post is ultimately still up to us, but we plan to incorporate the winning idea's description and qualifications. It may be that we mash-up the top three, or even other entries. We're confident that good ideas will come from the discussion, and that we'll incorporate those ideas.


Props to Judge for throwing in a reference to mash-ups, a favored tool of Web developers. Best Buy is a company with its finger on the Web community pulse, no?


The whole idea came about after Best Buy got lots of viral attention when one of its recruiters mentioned the role on Twitter. (Using Twitter for recruiting is an increasingly popular recruiting tactic, as I wrote yesterday.)