Are Call Centers Too Important to Be Outsourced?

Ann All

It's hard to fight the compelling economic reality of outsourcing call centers. Indian call center workers make a salary some 90 percent lower than their American counterparts, after all.


Yet some companies, including U.S. Bancorp, are bucking the call center outsourcing trend and spending some pretty big bucks -- $20 million over two years in U.S. Bancorp's case -- on call centers here in the States.


The reason? They think their call centers are too strategic to be outsourced. Some observers agree. An analyst interviewed in the story about U.S. Bancorp says call centers are a focal point for relationship building for banks now that fewer of their customers visit branches on a regular basis.


A Source Renaissance analyst summed it up nicely in an interview with IT Business Edge: a "razor-sharp dispute over customer care vs. cost management."


Though few companies have hard ROI models to back it up, Aberdeen Group says the belief that call centers are becoming more strategic is driving more of them to invest in several key technologies: VoIP, speech recognition, data integration and performance analytics.


Yet strategic or not, some companies may want to outsource at least some of their call center work. We like this tip on selecting an outsourcing provider from a TMCnet.com article: Conduct a "blind test" of a provider's work by calling, faxing, instant messaging and e-mailing agents at a center it operates.

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Jan 4, 2007 2:47 PM David Gybels David Gybels  says:
Outsourcing or not? It all depends on the skills, capabilities, facilities and management. If cost is the most important or only reason to outsource, the outsourced process is in danger. Outsourcing is a a full professional discipline to be managed by both parties, the service provider ánd the outsourcer. There are thousands of examples of service providers who do excellent jobs. In health care, security, catering, advertising, etc... it is 'common' since decades. Customer interaction outsourcing it is still in development. It can be relevant for a substantial part of te the business. Reply
Jul 7, 2008 12:06 PM Kamal Kumar Kamal Kumar  says:
Yeah no doubt in this that Call Centers are too important to be outsourced because call centers are the such centers which totally deals with the outsourced work . It is a such place of work where an agent is working with all facility with a good salary . Call Centers is a good place for the job seekers as well as it is best center to earn money with learning . Call Centers provide the facility of working environment of 24 X 7 X 365 . So we can say that it is good for the outsourcing project as outsourcing projects are external projects which require their work any time . Reply
Sep 1, 2009 5:40 PM Juliet Juliet  says: in response to Kamal Kumar

Outsourcing of call centers can save a company a great deal of money, but yes I agree, it is very important that both sides, the provider and the outsourcer, work together to ensure sufficient training and knowledge is invested into those who will be offering the call centre service.

Sep 27, 2009 10:36 AM Jessica Jessica  says:

It is not a matter of whether it is too important to outsource or not. It is a matter of finding a call center to outsource to that is extremely good. You need to be sure to do the right research into locating a call center that is right for you. Do not just outsource to any call center, outsource to a call center that can provide you everything you are looking for. www.5ca.com offers multilingual call center services from Argentina. We specialize in outsourced technical support & customer care, providing these services in 20 languages, and has years of experience in what it does.


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