Apple Puts Fewer Infrastructure Demands on SMBs

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We've blogged before about Apple's potential ability to win over SMBs. Indeed, some experts think that recent revamps of its iMacs and the forthcoming Leopard operating system could position Apple to gain market share across all PC users.


John C. Welch, a UNIX/open systems administrator writing in Datamation, thinks Apple's iWork productivity suite offers yet another reason http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/columns/appleent/article.php/12070_3695441_2for SMBs in particular to consider using Apple products.


Welch makes the point that Microsoft's Word, SharePoint and even Outlook are expensive and offer far more functionality than most SMBs need. "The truth is, Office is becoming less and less of a good product for the SMB market, especially on Windows," he writes.


That's because Office has essentially become an infrastructure, rather than a simple productivity suite, he says. To really take advantage of Office, companies need additional servers and other gear.


Apple's iWork '08, in contrast, "is a collection of the stuff that people in the SMB market are most likely to need," including a nice word processor, a serviceable spreadsheet application that can handle a large percentage of Excel files, and a presentation app that kicks PowerPoint's butt.


Perhaps most important, he says, is that SMBs can use all of iWork's features with hardware they are likely to have on hand -- no groupware server, collaboration server or other new back-end support is required.