An IT Job? That's Hot


Earlier this year, we reported on the European Union's efforts to convince women that a job in IT could be "very sexy indeed."


Interesting, sure. But sexy? I admit I had my doubts.


But hey, what do I know? IT workers landed in the middle spot on a list of 10 Sexy Careers You Never Thought Of, written by a CareerBuilder.com writer and republished on MSNBC. Some of the choices, like personal trainers and disc jockeys, seem fairly obvious. Others are less so, but the writer offers persuasive points. Photographers, for instance, have not only "a strong sense of style and a unique perspective on the world," but "their willingness to stay out of the spotlight and focus their attention on someone else is endearing."


Here's what he says about IT workers:

... If power is sexy, then these men and women probably outrank everyone. Whether you're low on the totem pole or an executive, if you can't open your e-mail account or figure out why your monitor is flickering, you call IT.

And, he adds, it's hard for suits not to envy IT workers' dress code, or lack of one.


Maybe someone should send this article to Germany's University of Potsdam, where more than 400 engineering students have signed up for a course designed to help them hone their social skills. According to Inquirer.net, the course is taught by Philip von Senftleben, author of a book titled "Flirter Der Womanizer."


Does the existence of such a course mean that geeks are no longer "the new cool," a quote Wired magazine attributed to an NBC Entertainment executive vice president in September 2007 when the network rolled out a sitcom about a computer whiz turned secret agent? The show, "Chuck," is still on.