NIST Provides Guidelines for Safe Cloud Computing Deployment

29 Oct, 2013

Some organizations are still on the fence about cloud computing. Documentation from NIST explains safe, efficient deployment techniques.

Cloud Leaders Focus on Integration More than Others

29 Oct, 2013

A recent study shows that cloud leaders--those organizations who were early adopters of the technology--are more likely to focus on integration.

Big Data, Big Warehousing and the Cloud

29 Oct, 2013

Will data volumes increase exponentially, forever? Will the enterprise continue to amass the physical, virtual or cloud resources needed to handle it at all costs?

NetSuite Acquisition Creates Integrated Cloud Suite for SMBs

28 Oct, 2013

NetSuite will acquire cloud HR services provider TribeHR in an effort to provide an integrated, cloud-based suite to SMBs.

Struggling with Cloud Integration

28 Oct, 2013

A recent survey found that cloud integration efforts are struggling, or not being attempted at all.

Master Cryptographic Key Management for Cloud Services

24 Oct, 2013

NIST offers documentation on how to securely encrypt data used in cloud services.

HP Hits the Autonomy Comeback Trail

24 Oct, 2013

The challenge for the company will be getting customers to appreciate IDOL enough to worship it as much as HP does.

Dell Extends Security Reach to Cloud Applications

23 Oct, 2013

Dell is taking a modular approach that gives customers the option to deploy a layered security approach based on Dell offerings or use one of those offerings as part of a multi-vendor strategy.

FTTH: Ten Million and Counting in North America

22 Oct, 2013

Reports confirm that fiber-to-the-home numbers have reached the 10 million mark in North America, and continue to grow.

Corporate Identity Theft May Be Reason Behind PR Newswire Breach

21 Oct, 2013

A recent data breach at PR Newswire seems odd since no credit card information was stolen, but analysts think corporate identity theft may have been the real motive.

Securing Your Cloud Environment

21 Oct, 2013

To better understand cloud security implications, this article focuses on the infrastructure and applications use cases.

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014

18 Oct, 2013

Ten strategic technologies that have the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years.

Vonage Claims Stake in SMB VoIP Via Acquisition of Vocalocity

18 Oct, 2013

Vonage attempts to break into the SMB VoIP market with it's latest acquisition, cloud-based telecom Vocalocity.

Top Five Ways to Boost Retail Websites for the Holidays

17 Oct, 2013

This year presents an interesting -- and relatively new -- opportunity for brands to increase their direct-to-consumer relationships.

Amazon’s Top Rival for the Enterprise Cloud (And No, It’s Not Verizon or Google)

16 Oct, 2013

Microsoft has the most thorough grasp of what the enterprise needs and how it operates.

VMware and Desktop: Has DaaS Finally Arrived?

15 Oct, 2013

VMware is vying to be the provider of choice via its purchase of Desktone DaaS provider, but will this change how enterprise views desktops?

Challenging Security Requirements for U.S. Government Cloud Computing Adoption

08 Mar, 2013

In order to achieve adoption of cloud computing, it is necessary to address the security and privacy concerns that agencies have when migrating their services to a cloud environment.

Cloud Computing: A Review of Features, Benefits, and Risks, and Recommendations for Secure, Efficient Implementations

23 Jan, 2013

Cloud computing is an emerging area of distributed computing that offers many potential benefits to organizations by making information technology (IT) services available as a commodity.

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