Silver Peak Provides Path Control over WANs

04 Dec, 2013

To help IT control WAN use by various applications, Silver Peak has introduced a new Dynamic Path Control system for its WAN optimization platform.

Enterprises Turning Toward Bare-Metal Clouds for Critical Applications

03 Dec, 2013

For enterprises worried about Big Data and the rise of mobile traffic, a bare-metal cloud is probably the closest thing to a brand-new data center.

Monitoring the Cloud for Improved Performance

02 Dec, 2013

Enterprises shouldn't just take the word of cloud providers as to the quality of performance their cloud provides.

Akamai Acquires Prolexic to Strengthen Security

02 Dec, 2013

By applying more security defenses in the cloud, the expectation is that fewer exploits will ever make it as far as the enterprise.

WFT Cloud Lifts SAP Data Warehouses into a HANA Cloud

02 Dec, 2013

WFT Cloud has launched a service to help organizations move to SAP NetWeaver BW on a HANA cloud, which it manages.

The Cloud Broker: IT’s New Best Friend

27 Nov, 2013

It can be difficult at best for home-grown IT to identify and provision the best solution for a given problem. This is where the cloud broker comes in.

Will Big Data Overwhelm the Cloud?

26 Nov, 2013

The cloud does not and will not provide unlimited scalability with which to parse every last bit of information.

ScaleXtreme Delivers Cloud Management as a Service

26 Nov, 2013

ScaleXtreme has released its Advanced Cloud management software as a service application for IT to manage both internal and external cloud environments.

The Cloud Is Growing, But Where Is It Headed?

25 Nov, 2013

The cloud is still an unknown quantity in enterprise circles. People are pretty sure they want it, but they have yet to fully understand how to make proper use of it.

Informatica Cloud Winter 2014 Addresses Cloud Integration Pain Points

19 Nov, 2013

Informatica's Cloud Winter 2014 takes major steps toward easing some of the integration pain points that larger organizations experience.

SecuriSync Provides File Sync with Security Built In

18 Nov, 2013

SMBs can better control the security of shared data using SecuriSync collaboration and file sharing service from Intermedia.

Private vs. Public: For the Enterprise It’s (Mostly) Irrelevant

15 Nov, 2013

The public vs. private cloud debate is futile. Plenty of room exists for both technologies; it's a matter of choosing which one fits your needs.

Jelastic Brings Together IaaS and PaaS

13 Nov, 2013

Jelastic helps IT organizations manage IaaS and PaaS with one service and without increasing costs.

PaaS Finally Hitting Its Stride

12 Nov, 2013

Platform as a Service is poised to grow to a $14 billion market by 2017 due in part to the now well-defined platforms and new technologies.

Intronis Tells SMBs What to Expect with Cloud Backups via an MSP

11 Nov, 2013

Matt Kowalski from Intronis provides information on what SMBs should look for and expect when seeking cloud backup services from an MSP.

You May Be Ready for the Cloud, But Are You Ready for the Migration?

11 Nov, 2013

No matter how the enterprise chooses to implement the cloud, the fact remains that the migration process will be lengthy and complicated.

Asigra Teams Up with Cisco on Cloud Backup

11 Nov, 2013

Asigra and Cisco have partnered to create a backup appliance that takes some of the stress off of networks and optimize cloud backups.

Enterprises Poised to Take on the Real Cloud

08 Nov, 2013

Although everyone talks about the cloud, it has yet to become part of the common enterprise infrastructure, but that could change.

SMBs: When Considering Cloud Backup Service, Ask These Questions

06 Nov, 2013

SMBs considering a service provider for cloud backups should be sure to answer several questions before signing a contract.

EVault to Provide One Year Free Backup Service on Microsoft Azure

05 Nov, 2013

EVault is partnering with Microsoft to provide one year of free backup service to customers who also sign up for Microsoft Azure.

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