GoDaddy Partners with Microsoft to Bring Office 365 to Small Businesses

21 Jan, 2014

Microsoft has entered into a partnership with GoDaddy to offer Office 365 to small business users.

IBM Makes Massive Enterprise Cloud Move

21 Jan, 2014

So far, IBM appears to be following best practices with SoftLayer and not screwing it up.

PanTerra Combines File Sharing and UC Services in the Cloud

21 Jan, 2014

PanTerra Networks offers a SmartBox cloud service that combines file sharing with unified communications delivered via the cloud.

IBM Details $1.2 Billion Cloud Investment Strategy

17 Jan, 2014

IBM is extending the SoftLayer cloud network of data centers and this year will add 15 new data centers worldwide.

QuinStreet Enterprise Research Examines Data Center Modernization Efforts

13 Jan, 2014

Eighty-eight percent of enterprises report that they are investing in their data centers, which are seen as having the potential to add value to the business. How will they do it?

Hybrid Cloud Storage Makes Sense for SMBs

13 Jan, 2014

The union of NAS and cloud technology could be the answer to many challenges SMBs face when confronted with data storage issues.

Ubuntu Fosters OpenStack Interoperability Testing

08 Jan, 2014

Much work is going into simplifying OpenStack, but the price of cloud freedom often winds up being a lot of manual labor that can lead to any number of errors.

Downtime Report: Top Ten Outages in 2013

08 Jan, 2014

2013 has seen some massive outages, And given our heavy reliance on technology today, there is more at stake than ever before.

The Personal Cloud: Just the Tip of the BYOS Iceberg

08 Jan, 2014

Personal cloud usage isn't a new concept, but the enterprise should be on top of the newer technology and working to embrace or prohibit its use.

GreenButton Uses WarpDrive to Speed Cloud File Transfers

08 Jan, 2014

GreenButton WarpDrive leverages GridFTP to transfer larger-sized files into the cloud.

TransLattice Expects SQL Databases to Catch Up to the Cloud in 2014

07 Jan, 2014

According to TransLattice CEO Frank Huerta, the long-term goal is to merge the company's TED and STormDB technologies under one offering.

Cloud4SMB Expo Highlights SMBs’ Particular Needs in Cloud Market

06 Jan, 2014

A new conference aimed specifically at SMBs looking to use the cloud is coming to Miami this month.

Feeling Our Way Toward the Hybrid Cloud

06 Jan, 2014

Although most organizations have an idea of what a hybrid cloud is, how it all comes together and works is still a bit up in the air.

Garantia Data Extends Memcached Caching Options in the Cloud

06 Jan, 2014

Given the latency issues associated with cloud applications, caching has become more important than ever.

CloudSigma Brings Snapshot Management to Public Cloud Storage Service

06 Jan, 2014

CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkins says the ability to apply policies to a public cloud service is especially significant.

Eight Best Practices for a Secure Cloud Deployment

03 Jan, 2014

It's easy for even the most experienced IT pro to pass over basic points when focusing on the more complicated issues of cloud adoption.

IT: Get Your Virtual House in Order Before Getting on the Cloud

03 Jan, 2014

A large portion of the installed IT base is still not ready for even the most rudimentary virtual functions.

SMBs Embrace Digital Office for 2014

03 Jan, 2014

A new survey shows that in 2014, digital offices are indeed the future for SMBs.

MuleSoft Provides Hybrid Cloud Option for Integration

02 Jan, 2014

MuleSoft has made available a private cloud option with CloudHub, the integration platform the company makes available as a service.

Progress CTO: PaaS Is the New Middleware

24 Dec, 2013

IT organizations in 2014 are increasingly going to find it a lot more efficient to deploy PaaS technology both on internal and external clouds.

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