More Capacity and Greater Diversity: The Changing Face of Storage

24 Feb, 2014

Today's new data environment calls upon several new kinds of storage to help carry the load.

Fourteen Vendors Forrester Says Can Handle Cloud, On-Premise Hybrid Integration

20 Feb, 2014

Survey after survey shows that integration is one of the top concerns CIOs list when asked about cloud adoption.

Mellanox Defines Cloud Reference Architecture

20 Feb, 2014

While there’s no shortage of reference architectures for the cloud, most IT organizations would do well to remember that clouds of any type have a lot of complex interdependencies.

Survey Shows Government Pipelines Not Ready for Data-Heavy Projects

19 Feb, 2014

Five major factors are about to give the network guys a heart attack.

Metacloud Brings OpenStack to the Hybrid Cloud

19 Feb, 2014

Metacloud is extending the reach of its services for managing OpenStack clouds into the realm of hosted cloud computing environments.

Executive Insights for Building Trust in the Cloud

19 Feb, 2014

Rather than becoming an organization's worst security nightmare, cloud computing platforms may offer its best hope to create a more secure IT environment by strengthening controls and improving information and security capabilities.

The Data Center as Mainframe

18 Feb, 2014

Today’s move to cloud computing and infrastructure convergence is happening at a scale that early mainframe developments couldn't dream of.

CompTIA: Cloud Will Dramatically Transform the IT Distribution Channel

18 Feb, 2014

What's happening to the IT distribution ecosystem since much of the technology that was sold in boxes now resides in the cloud?

Five Steps to Becoming a Cloud-Ready Company

14 Feb, 2014

With so many factors involved in migrating services to the cloud, it's essential for organizations to take inventory of where they are and where they want to be.

Management in a Multi-Cloud Universe

12 Feb, 2014

The reality is that nearly everyone is using multiple clouds at this point.

Buy or Lease: Cost Equations in the Cloud

10 Feb, 2014

Both internal, physical infrastructure and the cloud can be highly functional, cost-effective solutions for the right data sets and applications.

Portal Provides Visibility into iland VMware Cloud

10 Feb, 2014

The iland portal is not only about providing visibility into the iland cloud; it’s about giving IT organizations access to cloud service that provides consistent levels of predictability.

The Multi-Layered Cloud Revolution

05 Feb, 2014

As it goes with disruptive changes to process, in the cloud revolution, the plan is hazy at best, and the end game is not always clear.

Data Center Applications and the Cloud: What You Need to Know

05 Feb, 2014

Virtualizing a physical data center and moving it to a private or hybrid cloud requires careful analysis of both security and connectivity needs.

IT in the Cloud: Weird and Getting Weirder

03 Feb, 2014

The weirdness of cloud IT environments is purely relative, and is only obvious to those who grew up in the client-server ecosystem.

Microsoft and OCP: For Real or Just for Show?

31 Jan, 2014

Microsoft is contributing technologies to the Open Compute Project, to commoditize data center infrastructure for hyperscale deployments.

Citrix Pushes Desktop Virtualization in the Cloud

28 Jan, 2014

IT organizations are starting to appreciate how much simpler deploying and managing desktop virtualization can become.

Cisco Gives Hybrid Cloud Computing a Lift

28 Jan, 2014

Cisco unveils several new technologies to help reduce the complexities of cloud computing.

Is the Cloud Cheaper than IT? Not Always

27 Jan, 2014

Some now argue the cost advantages of leasing resources from an outside provider vs. building and maintaining complex internal infrastructure.

Seven Ways "As a Service" Can Benefit You

23 Jan, 2014

Outsourcing certain aspects of the IT department’s function by purchasing those functions "as a service" can offload repetitive tasks, reduce capital expenditures and increase the time they have to focus on more strategic work.

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